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Greatest Strength = Greatest Weakness

There are some who say that someone's greatest strength is their greatest weakness, or at least I do. My persistence and stubborn nature is the reason I am at Purdue now, doing as well as I have, but it is also the reason I feel in over my head with cs180. I just had my first exam, and although I have learnt more than I thought I would thus far, It didnt par well on my exam (which was not like the practice exam). The odd thing is that I like programming, it's just tough to come in so far down. I have to say though, I am so proud of what I have learned though. My first project I turned in...I was so proud. :)
I don't exactly know what to do about the exam, but nothing tonight. Time to focus on math and maybe get my mind off of this exam a little first. Big Bang Theory perhaps?

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