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Valentine's Day
      Big Bang Theory is one of the best shows out there. Just thought I would start writing with that statement. I can't believe I only started watching this show in the past month. In the last month I moved into the dorms once again and it's like my life has been so much richer, though it's been harder to be as dedicated to classes. I'm still doing my work, but it's been harder to manage. 
     My friends are awesome. Seriously, they are the most unique, funnest people I have ever met, and I love being around them. We do all sorts of stuff together, talk, dance, eat, hang out, watch movies, make cotton candy, listen to music, etc. They are so much fun and as odd as I am (which is pretty odd). Most of them are guys, but I've made some female friends too.
     So today was valentine's day. I am not ever quite sure how to celebrate these kinds of holidays because although they are somewhat "hallmark" holidays they are especially nice to celebrate at times. This year was a good one. My parents sent me a rhinestone encrusted hat that I really like, my dad sent me a card (a very sparkly little mermaid disney card), and a giant box of chocolate... and I mean, giant... along with another card. I spent quite some time trying to give out chocolate to friends and my RA before I brought the box over to Devin's place, and then alex, devin, and I had some more chocolate. I really notice that the boys I know now actually cook (nelson, dave, devin), which is really nice. Devin cooked dinner for me (orange chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn) while I spent some time studying for exams and watching alex's cats trying to eat the flowers Devin got for me, which are beautiful :) 
     We then spent some time watching the O.C., which is Devin's favorite show. I like it because it reminds me of home a lot, not the drama part, but the scenery and such. I mean, I grew up in palm springs, so I know that lifestyle I suppose, I just hate drama. Nonetheless, it reminds me of home. Altogether it was a really nice night, and a great break from programming, which although I am somewhat fascinated by it, is rather challenging because of the advanced nature of the class. 
     Spring break is coming up, and I am thinking about going to california. I've only been back twice since I left in 2006, and both times were about a week long. I miss my brothers so much, they are seriously some of the most amazing people I know. Hopefully I will see some old friends as well. 
     This summer could go a variety of ways. I think it might be the best idea to take classes over the summer here. I mean, I've never gone anywhere else the whole of college. I have a place to stay, in hawkins, and it would be a hassle to try and find somewhere to store my belongings even though I don't own more than what fits in half a dorm room.
     One more thing... Since november, I've been so much happier. Ever since then I've been making friends, listening to music, dancing, and generally being extremely happy. The difference between last october and now is extreme. I love being around people, and music, and most of all, the dancing. I can't believe I stopped dancing for so long. It makes me feel so alive. I want to write in more detail about the last few months, but for now, I must get back to cs180. 
     These flowers smell so good... :)


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